FASHION LOVE >>> Duro Olowu

July 15, 2015

FASHION LOVE >>> Duro Olowu


Again I come back to the theme of cultural remix....

Duro Olowu visited Saint-Louis in Senegal, a fishing town steeped in the kind of history that he likes: a beautiful place akin to the French Riviera, where in the mid–twentieth century two very different cultures—African and European—found a common ground through dressing well, recorded in the portrait photography from the time. It’s one of Olowu’s gifts as a designer that he can alight on a destination like Saint-Louis and take something from it that feels meaningful and true without it ever looking like cultural appropriation. And that leads us to another of his gifts—making gorgeous clothes with an unabashed joy worked into every stitch.

I love the combinations of colours and pattern; along with the cultural remix, these are aspects that inspire my jewellery design.

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